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   LEIGH D. HAGAN, Ph.D., P.C.


10003 Courtview Lane  •  P.O. Box 350

Chesterfield Virginia 23832


(804) 748-8480  •  Fax (804) 751-0873

Forensic & Clinical Psychology

E-mail: lhagan@leighhagan.com

•    Clinical Psychologist, Virginia Board of Psychology, 0810-001102, 1982
•    Diplomate, American Board of Forensic Psychology, 04539, 1995
•    Diplomate in Forensic Psychology, American Board of Professional Psychology, 1995
•    Certification of Professional Qualification in Psychology, Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards, 4167, 2009
•    Substance Abuse Expert, NRC Section 7.11.d, 2010
Ph.D.    Counseling Psychology, University of Missouri-Columbia, 1981
APA-Accredited Doctoral Training Program
M.A.    Counseling, University of Virginia, 1976
B.A.    Psychology, University of Virginia, 1975
Leigh D. Hagan, Ph.D. P.C. – Independent Practice of Forensic & Clinical Psychology
•    Forensic Psychology Services - Evaluations & case consultation
•    Psychology Consultant - Security clearances, law enforcement hiring and Fitness for Duty
•    Forensic Psychology Examiner - Community Corrections Programs (formerly, CDI), through 1997
•    Psychology Consultant - Work Evaluation Center, John Randolph Hospital, 1991-96
•    Medical Consultant - Disability Determination Services, 1986-89
Veterans Administration Medical Center - Richmond, Virginia, 1983-86
•    Director of Psychology Training & Clinical Psychologist
•    Alcohol/Drug Dependence Treatment Program
Psychometrics, Inc. and Middle Georgia Pain Clinic, 1981-82
•    Clinical Psychologist
•    Psychology Director, Middle Georgia Pain Clinic
•    Psychological assessment, psychotherapy, substance abuse
Veterans Administration Medical Center - Salem, Virginia, 1980-81
•    APA-Accredited Predoctoral Internship in Clinical Psychology
University of Missouri-Columbia Employee Assistance Program, 1978-79
•    Associate Coordinator of Client Services
Eastern Shore Mental Health Center, 1976-78
•    Staff Psychologist
•    Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Eastern Virginia Medical School, 2009-present
•    Affiliate Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychology, Virginia Commonwealth University, 1983-86, 1993-2013
•    Eastern Shore Community College Instructor - Psychology, 1977
•    Allied Health Staff, John Randolph Medical Center, 1991-2005
•    Allied Health Professional Staff, Poplar Springs Hospital, 1998-2001
•    Consulting & Attendant Staff (Forensics), McGuire Veterans Administration Medical Center, 1987-1996
•    Post-conviction Psychological Evaluator, Henrico Community Corrections Program, 1990-97
•    Group Counselor, Petersburg Community Corrections Program, 1986-1997
•    Fellow, American Academy of Forensic Psychology
•    American Psychology-Law Society
•    National Register Health Service Psyhologist credential #31037
•    Society for Personality Assessment
•    Capital Defendant Sentencing, Institute for Law, Psychiatry & Public Policy, University of Virginia, 1995 & 2007
•    Advanced Forensic Evaluation Training, Institute for Law, Psychiatry & Public Policy, University of Virginia, 1992
•    Sex Offender Evaluation Training, Institute for Law, Psychiatry & Public Policy, University of Virginia, 1994
•    Basic Forensic Evaluation Training, Institute for Law, Psychiatry & Public Policy, University of Virginia, 1984
•    Primary Certificate, Institute for Rational Living, New York, 1977
•    Clinical Chair, Clinical Advisory Group to Virginia Crime Sentencing Commission Subcommittee concerning development of statutory definition of mental retardation after Atkins v. Virginia ; S. Ct.; 536 U.S. 304 (2002)
•    Chesterfield Juvenile Court, Citizen Advisory Council, 1997-2004
•    American Board of Forensic Psychologists, Oral Examiner and Work Sample Reviewer for psychologists applying for diplomate status, 1996-2006
•    Drug Court Planning Committee of the Chesterfield-Colonial Heights Community Criminal Justice Board, 1999-2001
•    Consulting Forensic Psychologist, Day Reporting Center, Chesterfield Community Corrections, 1998
•    Juvenile Trial Competence Workgroup, HJR 69, Commission on Youth, 1998 (Advisory Task Force to examine state’s policies and to develop statutory guidance to implement appropriate Code provisions)
•    Consulting Forensic Psychologist, Richmond and Chesterfield Community Service Boards for redesign and implementation of procedures for evaluation of juvenile trial competence and sanity and restoration of incompetent juvenile defendants, 1997-2006
•    Juvenile Courts Building (Chesterfield), Ad Hoc Committee for Financing and Construction, 1996
Professional Papers & CLE Outlines
Hagan, L.D. (October 13, 2011). Preparing and Presenting an Atkins Case. InCapital Case Litigation Conference, Delaware Criminal Justice Council, Dover, DE.
Archer, E., Hagan, L., Mason, J., Handel, R. & Archer, R. (2/2/11). MMPI-2-RF Characteristics of Custody Evaluation Litigants. Assessment.doi: 10.1177/1073191110397469. Retrieved from http://asm.sagepub.com/content/early/2011/01/28/1073191110397469.
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Hagan, L.D., Drogin, E.Y. & Guilmette, T.J. IQ scores should not be adjusted for the Flynn effect in capital punishment cases. Journal of Psychoeducational Assessment, (July 29, 2010). doi:10.1177/0734282910373343
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Hagan, L.D., Drogin, E.Y., & Guilmette, T.J. (2008). Adjusting IQ scores for the "Flynn Effect": Consistent with the standard of practice? Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, 39, 619-625. doi:10.1037/a0012693
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Hagan, L. (August 15, 2007). �20-124.3:1: Making the best of an unfortunate statute. Presented to Mental Health Issues in Family Law Cases: Implications of Virginia Code Section 20-124.3:1. Virginia Continuing Legal Education. Fairfax, Va.
Hagan, L. (May 3, 2007). Proving Detriment and Best Interest in Contested Cases. Presented to18th Annual Conference of the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys. Williamsburg, Va.
Addison, E., Hagan, L., & Davis, G. (10/11/06). Mental Health Issues in Capital Litigation. In Capital Murder Prosecution. Presented to Commonwealth's Attorneys' Services Council. Williamsburg, Va.
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Rockwell, F., Hagan, L., Jones, B. & Leiner, H. (Moderator) (1/10/06). Addressing Allegations of Child Abuse In Child Custody Cases. Panel presentation made at the Bar Association of the City of Richmond (Va.).
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Hagan, L. (Feb. 10, 2006). Mental Health Professionals in Custody Cases: Revisiting Fundamentals and Updating Developments. Presented to 3rd Annual Advanced Family Law Custody Retreat. Virginia Trial Lawyers Association, Family Law Section. Richmond, Va.
Guilmette, T.J., Hagan, L., & Giuliano, A.J. (2005, October). The use of descriptive labels in reporting neuropsychological test scores: Forensic implications. Poster presentation made at the annual meeting of the National Academy of Neuropsychology. Tampa, Fl.
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Hagan, L.D., Blanks, T.M., & Rockwell III, F.G. (March 22, 2004). Piercing the Veil of §20-124.3.1 or : My spouse is crazy, but I can’t prove it. Presented to The Richmond Bar Association.
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Hagan, L.D. (1979b, October). Distinguishing features of occupational programs in higher education . Presented at ALMACA 8th Annual Meeting. Detroit, Mi.

Note: Professional credentials are subject to frequent revision. While this curriculum vitae reflects my best knowledge as of the date of composition, I encourage direct contact regarding any information or questions about changes in the current status.